Starting a business requires a lot of research.  You must research the future of the industry as well as the past.  You must research all the competition that is out there, and figure out who is respectable and who is not.  Research is all consuming in the beginning stages.  Sales figures, merges, buy outs, bankruptcy, law suits, editors and agents jumping around, as well as the writing forums and blogs, make this industry seem like a soap opera at times.

As extensive and time consuming the research is, I enjoy it.  I thrive on knowledge.  I want to know what works, and what doesn’t.  I want to learn from the mistakes of others in hopes that LazyDay Publishing doesn’t repeat history.

Researching for a company that hasn’t announced its presence yet, is like being a top secret spy.  I felt a bit guilty lurking on blog sites, web sites and forums.  But I quickly got over the guilt when I realized that our goal is to offer something of high standard and research was the only way to go about it.

I learned a lot!  One thing I found shocking is how many RULES are put in place.  Don’t get me wrong, I am a law abiding citizen and I believe rules are important.  But the amount of rules can be a little ridiculous.  Submission guidelines that are more complicated than a technical manual, or forum rules on how, what and where to post comments seemed almost comical.  I felt sorry for the Author.  Who has time to actually write?

The best thing I found in all my research is how many great authors are out there.  I’ve read blogs from talented published and unpublished authors that were superb.  I was amazed to see how committed and steadfast authors were in their quest to get published.  The strength an author has to go through with rejection after rejection is quite admirable.  There truly is talent out there.  Hopefully LazyDay Publishing can join forces with the other leaders in the digital publishing world to allow an outlet for some really great talent!

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